Pet End-of-Life Care

At Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital, we understand that navigating end-of-life care for your beloved pet is a sensitive and emotional journey. With locations in Waverly and Charles City, IA, our veterinary team is here to provide compassionate and supportive end-of-life care tailored to the unique needs of your furry family member.

a dog lying in the grass

Understanding Compassionate Pet End-of-Life Care

During this challenging time, our veterinarians offer compassionate consultations. These consultations serve as a platform for discussing your pet’s condition, ensuring a thorough understanding of their health status. Our goal is to address your concerns empathetically and guide you through the available options for end-of-life care, fostering an environment of support during this challenging time.

Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital specializes in palliative care for pets with chronic illnesses or terminal conditions. This approach centers on enhancing your pet’s quality of life by managing pain and promoting overall comfort. Collaborating closely with you, our veterinarians develop personalized care plans that cater to your pet’s unique needs, ensuring a dignified and compassionate approach to their end-of-life journey.

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

  • Quality of Life Assessments: To assist you in making well-informed decisions, we conduct comprehensive quality-of-life assessments. These evaluations consider factors such as pain, mobility, and overall well-being, helping you determine the most compassionate and appropriate course of action for your pet.
  • Euthanasia Services: If euthanasia is deemed the most humane and compassionate choice for your pet, our veterinarians are experienced in providing gentle and considerate euthanasia services. We approach this process with utmost care, allowing you to say goodbye to your pet in a calm and loving environment.