Pet General Surgery

Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital prioritizes your pet’s health and well-being through comprehensive general surgery services. With locations in Waverly, IA, and Charles City, IA, we are dedicated to providing precise and effective surgical interventions when needed.

dog wearing surgery cone

Compassionate Approach to Advanced Veterinary Surgical Care

Our skilled veterinary team is experienced in a wide range of general surgical procedures for pets. From routine spaying and neutering to soft tissue surgeries, wound repairs, and mass removals, we ensure that your pet receives the highest standard of surgical care.

Prior to any surgical procedure, our veterinarians conduct thorough preoperative evaluations to assess your pet’s health and determine the most appropriate course of action. Postoperatively, we provide meticulous care to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery for your pet.

At Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital, we understand that the prospect of surgery can be a concern for pet owners. Rest assured, our compassionate approach ensures that your pet receives not only the necessary surgical care but also the emotional support they need throughout the process.