Pet Laser Surgery
& Therapy

Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital prioritizes advanced and precise care for your beloved pets. With convenient locations in Waverly and Charles City, IA, our veterinary team provides cutting-edge pet laser surgery and laser therapy services.

dog getting laser therapy

Pet Laser Surgery

Pet laser surgery at Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital provides a minimally invasive approach to various procedures. Utilizing laser technology allows for precision, reducing discomfort and promoting quicker recovery for your furry companions.

Our skilled veterinary team employs laser surgery for various procedures, including tumor removals, spaying and neutering, and dental surgeries. This technology enables efficient and precise tissue incisions while minimizing bleeding, contributing to a smoother postoperative experience for your pet.

Laser Therapy Services

Laser therapy at Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital harnesses the power of laser light to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation. This non-invasive treatment is effective for managing chronic pain and arthritis and promoting faster recovery from surgical procedures.

Our versatile laser therapy services offer benefits for pets dealing with various conditions. From musculoskeletal issues to wound healing, laser therapy enhances your pet’s well-being without invasive interventions.